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Urn Vault

Cultured Marble Urn Vaults
Cultured Marble is a man made product that has much of the durability and beauty of natural marble, but can be shaped more easily into urns and vaults. Cultured Marble Urn Vaults are available in Chest style or Upright style. Not available in some areas.

Concrete Urn Vaults
Doric Concrete Burial Vaults are made of specially formulated, reinforced concrete that continues to gain strength even after it has been placed in the ground. A Doric Vault with a ribbed plastic lining in the base and cover joined with a butyl sealing system offers long-lasting protection. Not available in some areas.

Classic Metal Urn Vaults
Metal vaults are available in a variety of colors and finishes, designed to complement the memorial ceremony, and provide a final resting place for the remains of a loved one. Not available in some areas.

Coordinating Urn and Urn Vault
Classic design in a matching urn and urn vault combination. Not available in some areas.